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Born and raised in the UK, Faye and her sister spent their formative years on a dairy farm surrounded by green fields, lots of cows and not much else. When she wasn't making dens amongst the straw bales she spent her time dreaming of a job in fashion and she left for the bright lights of the big city in pursuit of her ultimate career. It became clear that her ambitions of becoming a top designer would need to be tweaked slightly as her prowess on the sewing machine and in the more technical points of pattern cutting left a lot to be desired. Luckily she realised she would be far more suited to a styling or fashion journalism role- hence her choice of degree in Fashion Promotion, which she studied at The London College of Fashion.

Faye has spent time her fair share of time making tea and immersed amongst piles of clothing in the fashion cupboards of various UK fashion and lifestyle publications and has several stints in the fashion department of The Daily Telegraph newspaper under her belt, working under the great Hilary Alexander. It was here that she cut her teeth in the world of styling, assisting on a variety of fashion shoots. Her career so far has focused on the fashion, creative and media industries with one particularly unique role as a Celebrity Booker which involved organising the attendance of celebrities (A to Z list) to everything from film premieres to gallery openings in order to maximize the press coverage of the event.

After doing her time travelling the world and a then few years back in the UK, which involved a slight career diversion into the graphic design industry (a particularly busy time during which she met her South African husband-to-be Curt, had a daughter and got married all in the space of 18 months!) she and her little family exchanged the hustle of London for a more relaxed, outdoorsy lifestyle in New Zealand when Curt landed a job transfer to Auckland. By this point Faye was raring to get back into the world of fashion. She has now happily found her niche as a personal stylist at Signature Style, which is a great fit for her friendly, sunny disposition and the rewards of sharing her knowledge and passion for clothes by working with real people are far more preferable to that of juggling the big egos sometimes encountered in other areas of the fashion industry! 

Having a keen surfer as a husband means Faye spends a lot of her free time at the beach, which is also the favourite destination of their little girl Lila- an energetic and social bundle of fun. When she isn't reading picture books with Lila or helping her put her dolls to bed, she sometimes escapes to the kitchen to indulge her love of baking by whipping up a batch of cupcakes. She also loves nothing more than losing herself in a good book or devouring as many fashion magazines as she can get her hands on.

Faye is currently enjoying maternity leave.

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