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So, there’s been a fortune spent on creating your company brand. Agony over the colour, investment in a great logo, the premises look really professional, the services you offer are great, it all represents who you are and what you do - fantastic…but what about your team?

“Nice guy, but looks a bit funny”

“He’s a bit of a shambles but at least he seems to know his stuff”

“Her top was so low I didn’t know where to look”

“Oh my God – what is she wearing? How do I tell her that’s inappropriate here?”
Sound familiar? 
Corporate group-146
How well does your team represent your brand?

Regardless of how politically correct it is to 'get to know someone' before we judge them, we don’t. Studies show that a first impression is made in less than a second – and that first impression hits hardest, stays longest and is virtually unshakeable. The way your team represents your business via their personal presentation can have either a positive or negative effect.
“We’re not doing business today, pal”
“I get these guys coming in to sell me something and they’re dressed in jeans or wearing a tie that their three year old gave them for fathers day and it’s got teddy bears or something on it, or they’ve got stupid socks on or something…and I think to myself “we’re not doing business today, pal” - As told to us by Neil, senior manager of a large energy company.

"...not only are customers likely to judge employees themselves by their dress, but customers are also likely to use employee dress as cues to the quality of the organisation itself." - Source: 'The effects of dress on customer expectations of service quality & purchase intention.'  Journal of Business Research, 2004.
What business are you missing out on because of how you or your team dress?

Talking to staff about their personal presentation is really difficult because it’s so ... personal. We’re all a little scared of the employment law process – can you tell someone how to dress? How do you tell them? The answer is simple: you get us to tell them.

Perhaps you are thinking you’d rather spoil your team a little; provide an injection of fun into the workplace with a session on style, or you want to reward a well performing team member or customer - we can do that, too.
We offer styling advice to companies that covers the spectrum. We will tailor our content and create a style forum that suits your needs:
  • Appropriate dress in the workplace
  • Graduate Programmes
  • Fun “what to wear” sessions
  • Grooming tips
  • One to One advice or Group Sessions
  • Corporate Uniform advice
  • Create a Dress Code for you

Our Corporate sessions are fun and interactive – we create a genuine context and provide real advice and coaching for your staff in a non-threatening, positive manner and ensure your team feels inspired and encouraged – not told off. Take a look at what we cover here
Jackie O’Fee has worked with top executives in our leadership program since 2009 and her style is not only her brand, but it speaks to the powerful impact she’s had on leaders who describe her work as ‘transformational.’  Jackie has a disarming charm that speaks to how real and genuine she is – able to connect with a wide variety of people who are looking for ways to be more influential.  I strongly recommend Jackie’s program; there are so many upsides to putting more emphasis on your own personal brand.
Harold Hillman, Ph.D.
Managing Director, Sigmoid Curve Consulting
Author, The Impostor Syndrome: Becoming an Authentic Leader

We can also create a bespoke uniform for your people
Perhaps what you're seeing in the corporate wardrobe catalogues isn't inspiring for you? Maybe you want something that's yours and your alone? We can create a wardrobe for your people that is bespoke for your brand. From creating a signature print to garment design and manufacture - we can do it all. 
Get in touch if you'd like to discuss this further - we'd love to meet with you and see what magic we can create together. 

Please contact us to discuss your needs or click here to read some of our success stories or read some of Jackie's articles for Management Magazine here
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