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Ensure Your Company Brand Looks Sharp
How your team represent your company values can seriously impact your bottom line. We’re visual creatures and like it or not, our standard of dress sends messages about who we are faster and more effectively than any words we utter or product we sell. Make sure your team are working for your brand in every aspect – not just the work they put in.  Signature Style can work with your business whether you are big or small, we can simply provide a thought provoking 60 minute seminar, develop a uniform for your team, write your dress code or something much bigger. Read about some of the work we have done below:
Case Study 1: Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand Logo
Dressing 5200 staff in uniform is a major challenge. Each team member will have their own perspective on what constitutes fit, standards and style. When Air New Zealand developed their new uniform they decided they wanted to use it as an opportunity to ‘lift the game’ of their staff presentation across the board. Enter Signature Style. Our team of stylists worked in three centres spending an hour with each female and 30 minutes with each male staff member, from pilots and crew through to ground staff and travel agents ensuring the best options in styling and fit were chosen. This took an initial period of six months and continues today with new recruits.  
“Your team were just amazing, and contributed to the success of this project in immeasurable ways” – Rob Fyfe, then CEO.

Case Study 2: Bayleys Real Estate
Bayleys Logo
It’s your annual conference and you want to inspire and reward your team. The team at Bayleys Real Estate chose Signature Style stylists to offer a fun, interactive “what’s my body shape and what clothes do you recommend?” pod to attendees prior to the speakers and during the breaks at their recent conference. Jackie O’Fee was also one of the keynote speakers, sharing insights into professional dress standards in a fun and interactive session.   
“Thank you for your wonderful engaging presentation on Friday and for your team’s style guidance to our attendees.   The energy around the event was amazing and it was great to see so many of them taking advantage of Signature Style’s expertise and advice … hopefully they have taken this on board and we will see some renewed style around the offices.   I think at times some forget that they work for a premium brand and they are not only representing themselves but also projecting the Bayleys brand. It would be lovely to work with you again in the future.”
- Kathryn Morrison - Bayleys

Case Study 3: Visique Shattky on Russell, Hastings
Visique Logo signature style-464

Smaller businesses often struggle to stand out against the ‘big boys’. The owners of Visique Shattky in Hastings contacted Signature Style to help create a stylish and appropriate wardrobe for their (predominantly female) team. We designed a range of dresses, tops and skirts, sourced fabric and additional items such as cardigans and jackets and created a cohesive look and feel with enough individual elements to suit each of the wearers. We traveled to Hastings to fit each team member and gave a presentation providing an overview as to “Why the way you dress matters”.
“We are delighted with the uniforms and the girls are loving their new looks”
- Julie Eagle – Visique Shattkey on Russell
Case Study 4: Westfield New Zealand
Westfield Logo-608
Engaging your customers and clients with your brand in a positive way is smart business. For the past five years Westfield New Zealand has worked with Signature Style to create great value and memorable experiences for their shoppers. Our work with Westfield includes their twice annual seasonal “Style Lounge” (body shape advice and clothing recommendations) in many of their centres, we provide personal shopping services, have co-ordinated and styled fashion workshops and shows, dressed in-centre mannequins, been “Stylist in Store” and provided retailer training. In many diverse ways the Signature Style team have been an integral part of the Westfield marketing mix. 
“You and your team have worked amazing feats for us this year as we have attempted to take over the world of fashion.  Thank you so much for all you have done to support us in this cause.  Your professionalism and commitment to whatever task we throw at you is very much appreciated. Bring on next year and world domination I say.”
– Rochelle Gray, NZ Westfield (Scentre Group) National Marketing Manager
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