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“There’s only one thing more precious than our time and that’s who we spend it on.”
- Leo Christopher
Looking great every day requires a wardrobe that works for you and your lifestyle while remaining true to your personality and style preferences. Finding those pieces that tick all the boxes can be both time consuming and frustrating - so you end up in the same shops, buying the same styles over and over again. There's simply no time to explore new options and get a fresh take on what works for you. You're bored, but you have no time to be creative.
Look Fantastic Easily - Every Day 
Let me create a wardrobe that works for you and whatever your life holds - from work and social events to hanging out with your kids. Whether we shop together or I bring garments to you - you'll save time and you'll look and feel great. You'll add personality and style to your wardrobe, ensuring you don't look like everyone else.

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Let's make a plan together! I will:
  • Audit your existing wardrobe
  • Make a shopping list to fill the gaps
  • Shop without you, carefully selecting your garments then
  • Put them aside in the fitting room for you or
  • Bring to your home or office
  • Organise any alterations
  • Create your own "lookbook" of outfits, making your daily choices easy
Here's what others have said:
"I can heartily recommend Jackie and her services. She has reimagined my wardrobe and I have now pointed her in the direction of my husband, who’s delighted about the idea of Jackie shopping for him." Una Diver, Partner, Ernst & Young

"It's hard to put into words how fabulous my experience has been with Jackie from Signature Style. I have been transformed from feeling like a bit of a sad frumpy middle aged woman to a confident, good looking, capable woman of the world! The inner confidence boost is something that really took me by surprise. I knew I would enjoy it but it really has done wonders for my overall well being. It's been better for me than going on an idyllic holiday and will last a lot longer too!"  Jonelle Douglas, CEO, Sticky Business

"Not only have I had a style makeover my confidence has soared!! What a ride, Jackie listened to my concerns about choices, took me out of my comfort zone in a good way and Jackie was great company - thanks Signature Style for everything."   Robyn Purcell, Operations Director, Bell Gully

"Signature Style offer an outstanding service to both men and women who are busy professionals and love to work with experts in their field. Jackie is exactly that, an expert stylist who goes that extra mile for her clients." CJ McEwan, Owner, Saltark
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Who is Jackie O'Fee?

I’ve been styling women and men for almost 20 years. I’m great at it. I know my stuff. My clients tell me I’ve breathed a new lease of life into their wardrobes and made them feel better about what they choose to wear.  I’ve been on TV, write for magazines, been on radio and stage, I've dressed celebrities and politicians, CEOs and checkout chicks - I even worked with Gok Wan…

And I want to work with you, too.
Unlike a lot of stylists, I’m trained and qualified. I know which colours, prints and styles are going to make you look amazing. It is about having a ‘good eye’ but also about knowing the science behind style. It's an understanding of different needs and personalities. I want your clothes to reflect who you are.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
How much will this cost?
Cost will depend on a few factors: how big your existing wardrobe is, how much you need to buy and how long that takes. It is worth noting that shopping with Jackie is faster - any exchanges and payments are made right then. If she shops for you she needs to return unwanted garments, exchange sizes, sort alterations and pay for purchases. That all adds up to a couple of extra hours. The average cost of the complete service is $1200 - $1400.

How will she know what I like?
We'll chat about labels you currently wear, looks you like, those whose style you admire. We'll uncover your clothing must-haves and your dislikes, building a picture of which pieces we will look for that you'll feel great in. As an example - you might hate sleeveless but feel the heat, prefer not having to dryclean or iron, need garments that travel well etc., Jackie will source items that fit that brief. 

I usually buy off-shore as I find it hard to find things I like here. Can Jackie find me different options?
With more than 19 years of styling under her belt Jackie has a great wealth of knowledge to draw on. She may source from labels you've never heard of, and she may be able to find some of your international favourites locally. Her role in your wardrobe is to surprise and delight you with options you might never have found on your own.  

I'm not a standard size - and that makes things really tricky. Will this still work for me?
Often clients that don't fit New zealand's limited range of "average" sizes spend a lot of money in specialty stores without realising that a lot of kiwi brands have caught up and do now make sizes to fit them. If we can't source garments for you off the rack, let's talk about custom made - Jackie has a great network of designers and tailors to draw on. 
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