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Five Fashion Mistakes

Written by Jackie O'Fee on July 8th, 2015.      2 comments

Having worked with literally hundreds of men and women over the past fourteen years, there’s a few sartorial errors that I see again and again. 

Break some rules!!

Written by Jackie O'Fee on May 27th, 2015.      2 comments

Don't follow fashion - break some rules! Jackie explains how knowing what works for you and why it works is key to breaking rules successfully.   

Out with the old!

Written by Jackie O'Fee on April 28th, 2015.      0 comments

There’s absolutely no denying that the weather has changed. As our lovely Indian summer gives way to what is proving to be quite a wet autumn, it is the perfect time to take stock of what you have, and what you need, and to do a bit of a seasonal sort out in your wardrobe. At the end of a season and the start of a new one it’s worthwhile to take the time to do a bit of work in the wardrobe in order to make the transitions of the seasons easier.

Mutton Dressed as Lamb?

Written by Jackie O'Fee on March 24th, 2015.      1 comments

In my work I’ll often speak to women who are concerned that they can no longer wear a certain style “Now I’m a bit older”. It’s an interesting dilemma – is there an age that means you can no longer wear something? 

Key Trends Autumn Winter 2015

Written by Jackie O'Fee on March 9th, 2015.      0 comments

Want to know what to wear this Autumn/Winter? We've identified and deciphered some of the key trends for the season 

I wore it last time - can I wear it again or will I look silly?

Written by Jackie O'Fee on February 10th, 2015.      0 comments

The phrase “there’s nothing new under the sun” is never truer than when you are talking about fashion. Jackie considers the full circle of fashion and gives some tips to keeping your wardrobe up to date...

Way to work it!

Written by Jackie O'Fee on February 9th, 2015.      0 comments

What's the difference between your personal trainer and your personal stylist? Jackie ponders the similarities and how they both play a part in achieving your goals...

Friday Fashion Fix: Accentuating the waist

Written by Rose Lally on September 6th, 2014.      0 comments

This week we have a question from our lovely Signature Styler Rach, who writes "  I'm an hourglass shape and at the moment I'm having a hard time in finding things that accentuate my waist.  A lot of whats in the stores at the moment seems to be floaty tunics and tops.  I suppose I could add a belt to those but I'm feeling a little lost" Our fabulous resident Stylist Rose Lally responds below.  

Friday Fashion Fix: Jumpsuits

Written by Rose Lally on August 25th, 2014.      0 comments

Do you have a style related question that you'd like or team of experts to answer? Perhaps your wondering how to wear a current trend, or get some advice around the best style for your shape? We'd love to help! Simply email us your Friday Fashion Fix question today.

Friday Fashion Fix: Crop Tops

Written by Rose Lally on August 20th, 2014.      0 comments

Do you have a style related question that you'd like or team of experts to answer? Perhaps your wondering how to wear a current trend, or get some advice around the best style for your shape? We'd love to help! Simply email us your Friday Fashion Fix question today.


Do you have an eye for Style?

Written by on August 1st, 2014.      1 comments

Do you have an eye for Style?
Would you like to be part of a fashionable, fast paced industry?
Signature Style is New Zealand’s leading Personal Image & Styling consultancy and it’s time to grow our team! The ideal candidate is fun, outgoing and bubbly and has an excellent eye for style. You will be driven and above all else you'll get a thrill from helping your clients look great and feel fantastic! Do you have what it takes? We are taking applications for this position and for application details keep reading!
Fashion Stylist(copy)

As part of the application process we'd really like to get to know you and give you the opportunity to show off your'e styling skills! The first thing we'd like you to do is tell us WHY you’d make a great stylist

Then, show us your skills by submitting three key looks:
1. Your own personal style
2. Style a friend
3. Style a mature woman. 
Bonus points it if you can show us how to pull together a few looks for under $150, $500, and $1000! Send your entries to Victoria 
The position is initially part-time, casual with scope to grow…and weekend work is a must. Full training will be provided.  We are Auckland based and travel may be required. Applications close Friday 15th August 2014.

The position is part-time casual and weekend work is a must.  The successful applicant must be available for training the week beginning Monday 25th August 2014.  We are Auckland based and travel may be required. If this sounds like anyone you know remember sharing is caring!

Making the Most of Black Friday Sales

Written by Geoffrey Renton on November 28th, 2013.      0 comments

You’d think ‘Black Friday Survival Tips’ would be a guide on how to curb overspending on your Visa or get through the day without a nervous breakdown from the FOMO (fear of missing out). Well it isn’t, it’s actually a guide on how not to be trampled in ‘stampedes’, avoid shopping stalkers and prevent mugging by techniques such as non-branded brown paper bags. Things clearly get very serious in the US during this annual retail phenomenon – someone actually died last year!

Lucky for us Kiwis, we can enjoy Black Friday without putting our lives at risk. As a person with champagne taste on a beer budget, who loves a good bargain or is just a fervent shopper, Black Friday bargain hunting proves to be a most satisfying activity. However, before you dig into the fun side of spending, here are some tips on how to make the most of Black Friday online shopping:

Black Friday

1. Work smarter not harder - look for sites such as and for aggregated lists of brands with Black Friday promotions. Some brands have actually already started with cheeky pre sales. Using websites with a range of labels works more efficiently and saves on shipping costs – is a clear winner on this front.
2. Promo codes - veteran online shoppers and mailing list recipients will be all too familiar with these terrific tools. Research and collate codes for use on the big day! is an excellent place to start.
3. Stay in ship shape – check before Black Friday whether your chosen sites ship to NZ. If not then never fear, you can overcome the obstacle by utilising NZPost’s fantastic facility Youshop. It can get a bit pricey, but worth it when up against the money you’re saving already.
4. Research - check your favourite sites early and make sure you’ve signed up to the mailing lists for alerts (you can always just unsubscribe after the sales are over). Know what items you want before Black Friday to prevent endless trawling and FOMO creeping in – increased stress levels reduces purchasing productivity. Remember there’s no room for time wasters – the deals aren’t going to wait and neither are the other shoppers!
5. Take the day off work – no don’t.
6. Choose your preferred payment method – credit cards aren’t the only option; Visa debit cards often have lesser fees or you could set up a PayPal account.
7. Timing - before midnight on Thanksgiving you need to get set and on the strike of 1200am EST you need to GO!
8. Be patient - websites will crash, imagine the messy worldwide cyber traffic jam you’re part of. Keep refreshing and don’t worry, the checkout is near!
9. Think - do I need this? Am I buying this purely because it’s cheap? Is this a decent saving? Your impulsive spend could end up another ornament in your wardrobe or a symbol of unnecessary consumerism.

Now set forth and shop, not forgetting that if you miss out on that special Black Friday bargain there’s always Cyber Monday!


Men's Shoes: Summer 2013

Written by Rose Lally on November 22nd, 2013.      0 comments

One of our wonderful clients asked us about Men's shoes for the season. They've certainly come along way in terms of style and choice - its just a matter of knowing where to start.



Review: NZFW Designer Selection Show

Written by Geoffrey Renton on September 6th, 2013.      2 comments

Us ‘girls’ all had ideas about what our first time would be like – mood lighting, two glasses of wine, drama, being swept off our feet. Basically, just like TV. Being a first timer to a NZ Fashion Week public show I had these expectations.
Let’s forgive the ‘just like TV’ criterion because the show was never going to be the fashiontv glamour from Paris or New York, though the goodie bag did have a water bottle loosely resembling Michel Adam's fashion water. As an aside though, the best goodie in the bag – a $70 Smashbox voucher! So I’ll be talking foundation with Sam at our Smashbox counter next week…not that I wear makeup...honest. Glasses of wine were ticked off after the tasters from the cute boy on arrival and mood lighting was a given, which leaves the expectations of drama and being swept off my feet.
Bonds underwear provided drama by opening to the tune of 007 and a sultry plus size blonde, gun in hand and attitude in tow, commanding the runway and flaunting her curves – as every true Bond[s] girl does. Likewise, we knew Trelise Cooper Spring 13/14 had arrived when the lighting deepened and the striking Marquee pantsuit strutted on stage to the punchy Baby Baby Baby - Make the Girl Dance – now shamelessly at the top of my iTunes most played list. The bold striped theme continued in Frantisek SS 14 with a collection in monochrome and yellow shades providing easy additions to the usually dull corporate wardrobe.
I was aflutter when Lela Jacobs showed. Somewhere between my daily walks past ‘The Keep’, glimpses of her at the cutting table and being teased by the Target Skulker hailing me from the clothing rack, I have become her secret admirer. Seeing the strength of design and androgyny in her work come to life was another special highlight for me.
lela jacobs FW shot edited 2
Though I think it’s best left to the leopards in Southeast Asia, those with a predisposition for entire ensembles in leopard print will be delighted with Stolen Girlfriends Club SS 13/14, which took a fresh and warmer take on the classic motif. Annah Stretton showed her usual bouquet of flowers, I mean dresses. Oh yeah and Ezibuy arrived this year with a collection that was five years too late.
It was the opening night of NZ Fashion Week and just like my first time it didn’t quite go to plan – a shoe fell off and a dress was stood on, but the major let downs were price stickers on most of the shoes and conspicuously cumbersome models. So as for being swept off my feet, I’ll leave that to Fashion Weekend because I’m sure the independent designer shows will be more whole-hearted than what Monday had to offer.

Spring Style Guide 2012

Written by Jackie O'Fee on September 28th, 2012.      11 comments



Print pants, Neon, Pastel, Lace, Minis, Maxis, Print blazers, Shift dresses, Peplums, Chanel-style jackets, Shorts, Structure, Movement.

Walk into any fashion store right now and it’s almost a sensory overload – the variety is huge.It’s one of the delights of fashion that within any season, there are options that work for everyone. One of the best things about what we do as personal stylists is helping clients work out which of the new trends will work brilliantly for them, and even more valuably, what to leave on the racks. So, let’s take a look at what works, for whom and why...

Neon. OK, as a Colour consultant I’d have to say neon isn’t anyone’s colour. It’s simply too, too strong – and that’s the point of it really. It wears the wearer, it’s a statement and it’s a loud one. With that in mind, I think it’s a very fun trend. I guess if there were any ‘rules’ around it, if you’ve got strong colouring (dark hair, dark eyes) I suspect you’ll wear it better than someone with softer features (fair, blue-eyed blondes for example), for whom it will completely overwhelm (if that’s you – you’ll look awesome in pastels). Still keen? Try it in pants, shoes or accessories rather than shirts, jackets or tops and wear it back with white or grey.

Print. Ahhh - a true favourite. So very gorgeous, so very ‘summer’, so very feminine. It’s also wonderful for a myriad of reasons. Not least, it hides a multitude of sins. Hate your tummy? Back fat? Wobbly bits? Print is your friend – you can’t see what’s going on behind it. What you need to know: draws attention to the part of the body it is worn on – our eye finds print interesting, so if you are heavy of thigh, print pants need to be balanced on your top half with something light and bright. Likewise, a print top on a gal with a larger bust and broad shoulders needs a light colour on the bottom. Print dresses work for everyone but keep your print to your size: a petite gal needs a petite print, a larger one a larger print.

Structure. After seasons of floaty layers this summer might just have us all buying shapewear (check out Spanx – finally available in NZ). Structured garments are everywhere. Peplum tops, pencil skirts, tailored blazers or Chanel-esq jackets. We’re all playing ladies. Rich, posh ladies. In fact, Posh is possibly to blame, but then she lives on strawberries and air so good luck to her. This is a trend that works for all women. The structure of a peplum will create shape where there is none, the slimmer silhouette is immensely flattering to curves. It’s a winner. It’s a shame it also requires a girl to walk tall and hold her tummy in. Or maybe that’s not a shame at all.

Shorts. Yes, gorgeous dressy shorts in leather, lace, print and colour. These are everywhere. At least we may see the end of the ubiquitous denim cut-off but sadly we’re unlikely to see the end of legs that really don’t look great in shorts. Top tip? Sit down in front of the mirror in them. Still look good? Go for it.

For many of us, a season with as many options as this one will lead to a sense of paralysis. A sense of “which way do I go? What do I try? Argh – I give up!” I encourage you to get in there and play. Try stuff on, break your rules and have some fun. No-one is making you buy it, but at least you’ll get a greater sense of what works for you.


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