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Are you too old for that?

Written by Jackie O'Fee on March 3rd, 2020.      0 comments

Are you too old to wear that?

I just had a conversation with a friend about aging parents. We decided that as we ourselves never felt like we were getting older it seemed such a shock when our ‘always been there’ parents suddenly started becoming old and experiencing the health issues associated with ‘old people’. She then segued into “I’m a bit like that with clothes, too. Occasionally I wonder if I’m dressing too young. I mean, I forget that I’m older – I feel like I’m still in my 20’s but can I still dress like I am?”

Hmmm. Now that’s a whole other conversation! Can you still dress like your younger self? My answer is actually a resounding yes, but with a few caveats. You see, there’s no reason to stop wearing denim cut-offs, mid-riff baring tops or skinny jeans due to reaching a certain number, but there is reason to stop if those items are no longer flattering. Shorter skirts aren’t always kind to legs that are now a little saggy, shoestring straps can be hard to pull off if you have additional flesh above and below your bra-strap and the crop-top might look great when you are standing tall in front of the mirror but could  become decidedly unflattering when seated.

So, yes wear what you want but be aware of how you look in what you are wearing. I think one of the key changes in our generation of women is that we are the first that have really exercised: from aerobics to weight training, HIIT and cross-training, running or cycling, we now have better bodies in mid-life than our mothers did. With that comes a greater degree of fashion freedom and although our mothers seemed to dress old, now no-one does. That said, we still want to dress well. So best advice on the “mutton dressed as lamb” dilemma is to take a proper look in your full-length mirror. And don’t just stand in front of it, either. Sit down and bend over in front of it too. In short, know what you really look like. Be kind to yourself but don’t be blind to the changes that age brings. The last thing I think any of us would want to be is a source of amusement (or bemusement) among our peers. (By the way, being a source of amusement among adolescents goes with the territory, so you can discount their derision). 



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