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Buy Beautiful

Written by Jackie O'Fee on August 10th, 2018.      0 comments


You will have previously read me in my blog banging on about buying your clothing “thoughtfully”. Thinking about what you’ll wear that garment with, how it works in your wardrobe and if you truly love it rather than just “like” it. We live in a time where our planet is overwhelmed with our rubbish, not just our plastic rubbish, but all of our rubbish – and our discarded clothing is overwhelming the world too. Yes, you may take it to a re-sell boutique, donate it to charity but there’s just SO MUCH STUFF out there that our environment cannot cope with it.

In this post I want to talk about the case for spending more money on your garments.

Over the years I have done a few wardrobes that have been filled to the brim with cheap clothing. Awful, cheap clothing. In these closets there were only a handful of garments that would make the wearer look good and (quite sadly) none that would make the wearer look great. Wearing cheap clothes will actually make you look cheap, too. Not cheap in the slutty sense, but cheap in the un-polished sense. The thing with cheap, is that the fabrics are often almost bulletproof – that polyester top will still be around when there’s only cockroaches left on earth, which means that you can keep wearing that nasty thing for years and years. So, you hang onto it, leading to having a wardrobe heaving with stuff. Too much stuff, none of it beautiful.

So, stop buying cheap. Start buying beautiful. Buy less – buy better. If it means you have less in your wardrobe that’s a good thing. You’ll wear those beautiful pieces more often. You’ll look and feel great in them. It’s worth it not just for how you’ll feel, but also for our environment. 



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