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From boring to bombshell - how to add style to a boring outfit

Written by Jackie on April 29th, 2016.      0 comments

boring to bombshell
Not every outfit we own is a stunningly co-ordinated, five-star compilation of gorgeousness. Although I believe every woman should have at least one outfit in her wardrobe that makes her feel fabulous, most of us wear far more ‘ordinary’ ensembles most days.  Our work wardrobe may be a simple combination of pants with a variety of tops, or easy to wear dresses. Sometimes, we’re just grabbing a tee shirt to pop on with our jeans, or we may even spend the day in our yoga pants and a hoodie for the ultimate in comfort.

Whether we’re leaving the house to go further afield than the supermarket or not, a lot of the time we’ll choose what’s easy, what’s comfortable and what will ‘do’ for whatever we’ve got planned that day.

Taking this automatic approach to dressing can lead to days on end of wearing boring, uninspiring outfits. We’re just mindlessly putting clothes on rather than taking the time to get dressed in the morning. Yes, our lives are busier than ever before and we may not have hours to spend putting ensembles together each day. Perhaps we’re working against budgetary restraints that see practical elements winning over glamour; but looking great doesn’t need to be difficult.

Often a few simple additions will elevate an ordinary outfit to something a little bit special. Here’s my picks for some small changes that make a big impact:

Scarves: Best way ever to juzuzz up a tee shirt. Whether a simple choker style at your neck or a large loop artfully draped, a scarf will add interest and elegance to a simpler garment.

Statement Jewellery: Be it bangles, necklaces or earrings (or all three all at once – just look at Iris Apfel) adding jewellery that is distinctive in styling or colour will take you easily from boring to brilliant.

Great shoes: choose your shoes not just for comfort, but also elements of style. Look for great colour, a quirky statement heel and wear them. Too often women think they need to ‘match’ their shoe colour to their outfit but matching can be dull. Unexpected pops of colour add interest.

A blazer: Adding a beautiful jacket to a tee and jeans ensemble automatically takes it to the next level. Even popping a blazer over your activewear will lift your game. Look for something beautifully cut that gives you great shape.

The long line cardigan or duster: If the blazer isn’t for you, grab one of this seasons Long long-line cardigans (we’re talking mid-calf length) or duster jackets. A stylish cover up that works brilliantly over your jeans.

Add a hat: From baseball caps to fedoras, berets to bucket styles hats are big this season. Adding a hat to your look will certainly take it from boring to bombshell. This can feel like a brave move, but when you get used to it you’ll feel very cool.

Wearing Make-up: Too often forgotten in the rush, wearing make-up will ALWAYS make you look more polished. In my mind, it’s an ESSENTIAL addition.

If you’d like help elevating your wardrobe options why not get in touch? We’d love to spend some time with you putting together your existing pieces in new ways. 


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