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Get the recipe right!

Written by Jackie O'Fee on November 8th, 2019.      0 comments

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Get the recipe right...

If you follow me on Instagram (@signaturestylenz) or Facebook you will likely have seen my weekly style tips on video. I recorded 52 of these between Christmas and New Year and each week, my videographer sends me one. The original plan was that he would send all of them but hey, he’s young and young men like to put things off until the last minute and I’m OK with that. What that does mean is that every Saturday afternoon I get sent a video which was recorded at the end of last year and is often on a topic that I’d forgotten about. It’s almost as much of a surprise to me as you when I load these onto my social media.

This weeks’ “Style Snippet” was one that I particularly liked. In short, it was about following a recipe. Now, you’re possibly reading this and thinking “Style isn’t about following a recipe” but you know what? It is. As much as I’m not sure that a ‘paint by numbers’ approach is particularly stylish, I do know that assimilating style ideas from various sources to create your own look is. I even have clients who tell me they will walk into a store and ask for the exact outfit they see on one of the mannequins in the window – and I think that is smart. Why not take advantage of someone else’s flair?

My point with this weeks’ snippet is that when you first make a recipe - say for a batch of muffins, you follow it rigorously – measuring out the exact proportions of each ingredient. After you’ve made those muffins a few times you can start to change that recipe up a bit: add some blueberries or chocolate chips or whatever it is you fancy. I think true style is a bit like that. You start with a framework of what is in style and works for you, then you can mix it up and add elements of your own. That might mean buying your shirt in a size too big as you like the idea of wearing it in a more relaxed and slouchy way. It might mean choosing a wide-legged pant instead of your usual skinny jeans and working those back with an existing top half. It’s basically the same outfit, you’ve just added elements of your own to it. That’s when you start to develop a style that’s truly yours.



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