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Heck! This year is disappearing!

Written by Jackie O'Fee on June 2nd, 2017.      1 comments


This year, like every year, is whizzing past at lightning speed leaving many of us asking “Heck, how come it’s June already?” Before we find ourselves at Christmas it’s worthwhile to take some time to reflect on your wardrobe. How did it stack up? Did those pieces you’ve bought in the past twelve months get worn or did we forget them in our day to day busy-ness?

I’ve just finished doing another client’s wardrobe: she’s a North Shore gal who I guess typifies many of my clients. She’s busy, working full time (plus some) in her own business while balancing time with her pre-teen children. When we sat together at the beginning of the session of our wardrobe planning I asked her where she spent her time. You see, when it comes to your clothing you should spend your money where you spend your time – if you have a wardrobe full of evening gowns yet you never go to events that require them, that needs to be addressed. Likewise, if you’re a non-paid working mum with a wardrobe of business suits, there’s an imbalance there. 

Anyway, back to my busy gal: her time was mostly spent at work and her weekends were busy with child focused activities, so she needed a fairly diverse wardrobe.  As we went through her clothes she would repeatedly confess that she hadn’t worn many of the items we looked at “for years”. It’s an interesting question really, why do we never wear things? And then, if we don’t wear them, why do we keep them? Years pass (yes, I knew you were wondering when I’d get back to that) and there they hang, forlorn and unloved in the wardrobe while we bypass them for our “top 20” pieces. I say top 20 as it’s a known fact that the average woman wears only 20% of her wardrobe.

So, in the past year which pieces have you worn? What items are you overlooking each day? Take some time to check in and see if they are worth keeping. If not, get rid of them and don’t let another year pass that you “never wear” something.

If you’d like a hand clearing the orphans out of your wardrobe, please get in touch. We can help you sort out what’s worth keeping, and what needs to be let go and help you find new ways to wear existing pieces. 



Julian john Leah says ...
2017 wasn't a good year for me and I am glad it's in the past now. I lost a lot of jobs at the office and people were disappointed in me for that. I hope this and the coming year will be great for me.
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