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How to get your wardrobe sorted for summer!

Written by Jackie O'Fee on October 26th, 2015.      3 comments


Getting your wardrobe sorted for a new season

It’s Labour Weekend, so even if the temperatures are still a little cool, there’s absolutely no denying that summer is on its’ way. At the end of a season and the start of a new one it’s worthwhile to take the time to do a bit of work in the wardrobe in order to make the transitions of the seasons easier. To take stock of what you have, and what you need, and to do a bit of a seasonal sort out in your wardrobe.  
Which all sounds good in theory, but how do you do that?

To make this a little easier, here’s a checklist to show you how to organise your wardrobe for a new season and to close off the season that is ending.

To begin, take a look at your last summers’ wardrobe and assess it:
  • What did you wear? Eliminate what you bypassed every day.   
  • Is it worn out? As we tend to wear and wash the same garments repeatedly. Is that garment still in good condition or is it time to retire it?
  • How did you feel in it? Get rid of anything that you don’t feel good in.
  • Do you still love it? Remove items that you no longer like and won’t want to wear this year.  

Now, take a look at what is left:
  • Is it still on trend? Get a couple of fashion magazines (In Style, Fashion Quarterly), read our previous blog all about the key trends here: or flick through a few websites and take a quick squiz over a coffee.  
  • Is it in good condition? Simply put, is it pilled, saggy or faded? Get rid of it. Does it need mending? Get the job done.
  • Does it still fit? What looked great last year may just be the wrong length or wrong cut this year.
  • What will I wear it with? Do you need to buy an additional item to make it work?  Is it worth that? If yes, add the item you need to your shopping list.
  • Do I still love it? If you were shopping now and you saw this piece, would you buy it? If not, out it goes.
  • Can I re-invent it? It’s dated, but if you were to team it with something new could it look fresh?
Wardrobe Audit and Co-ordination is one of our most popular services. Sometimes having an expert eye and impartial opinion is just what you need. Oh, and to dispel the myths; we’re not there to throw everything out, to judge you or turn you into someone you are not – we’re there to help create new looks from what you have, clear the clutter that’s just taking up hanger space and create a plan that makes getting dressed every day so much easier.

Here's what one of our recent clients said about her experience:
“Thank you so very much for yesterday. Gosh I should have done this years ago! It was fun, cleansing & liberating, and as I've told my friends, I have less clothes but actually more to wear! I guess you probably hear that a lot!”

Sound like you? We love to help clients make sense of their wardrobes. Get in touch by calling 09 529 5115, via the web or pop into our 35 Broadway studio. 


Bryce John Adalynn says ...
How did you feel in it? Get rid of anything that you don’t feel good in.
Chris Kennedy says ...
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