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Is it REALLY worth it?

Written by Jackie O'Fee on December 2nd, 2016.      1 comments


I recently watched a documentary called “The Real Cost”. This incredibly thought-provoking film challenges both the environmental and ethical impact the fashion industry (and actually our rampant consumerism of its product), has on our planet and the people that inhabit it.  Although it is often thought that it is the big, fast fashion retailers who are driving much of this damage I have no doubt that many other ‘smaller’ fashion houses also contribute.

I think, with the opening of fast-fashion retail giants Zara and H&M in Auckland recently, it’s a good time to think beyond the price we pay for our garments, and actually ask ourselves a more pertinent question – “Do I really need that?” 

In an earlier blog I spoke of how at the start of this year I decided to be more mindful in my own life when it comes to buying clothes. I know that this may seem counter-intuitive for someone who provides a service helping others buy clothing, but I think what I do with clients is actually what we all need to do. When I take a client shopping it is working to a plan, filling necessary gaps to enable my client to get greater flexibility and wear-ability from their wardrobes. We are looking for pieces that add value, that work back with existing items and that can be worn in many settings – dressed up for an evening out, dressed down for a casual weekend brunch. This is a wardrobe that works for its’ owner.

The opposite of this is a wardrobe full of clothes that don’t ‘play’ together, pieces that can only be worn one way. I often describe these items as “orphans”, and although these garments may indeed be beautiful, they can also hang forlornly at the back of the wardrobe as their owner struggles to make them work in their day to day. Sometimes these items can be re-invented and worn in a different way but sadly, in many cases these items are often out of date before they are worn more than two or three times.

If you’d like a fresh pair of eyes to help create more out of your existing wardrobe, and to take a more planned approach to your clothing purchases, I’d LOVE to help. Drop us an email  or give me a call on 09 529 5115 and let’s build you a CLEVER wardrobe.



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