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Problematic Trends

Written by Jackie O'Fee on April 3rd, 2020.      0 comments

sceptical woman
How do I wear that?

Each season there are a few new trends to try. Flared pants, paper-bag waists, boyfriend blazers, shoulder pads, polka dots and pleats. Okay, so I say ‘new trends’ loosely as of course, none of these are actually new but they are new again right now. While for some young gorgeous things it is hugely important to follow along and wear all of the trends as they happen, one of the joys of being slightly older is knowing that just because something is ‘in’, you don’t have to wear it and can sit out those things that simply don’t flatter your shape. 

There’s a few things happening right now that are hard for some of us to wear: high-waisted pants and skirts can be problematic for women with short torsos as they shorten your waist even further. Paper-bag or pleated waistlines only work for those with a very flat tummy and can make the rest of us look very pot-bellied. Leg o’ mutton sleeves and shoulder pads can be tricky for broad or square shouldered gals as they add volume where none is needed – no-one wants to look like an American grid-iron player, while wide-legged culottes are particularly unflattering if you are shorter of stature.

Even necklines can be tricky to navigate. This season one of the strongest trending necklines is square, something that will make any woman who is thicker through the middle (as in, not much waist definition) or square of shoulder feel particularly rectangular.

Sometimes, when you are trying a garment on in store you can see that it just doesn’t seem to work for you, but often you don’t understand why. Knowing about your shape and proportions and learning the nuances of how that knowledge translates to what we can wear is absolutely invaluable, especially when it comes to knowing what to take to the fitting room and what to leave on the racks.  



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