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Savvy Shopping

Written by Jackie O'Fee on April 5th, 2016.      1 comments


I love every part of my role as a stylist (well, except for shoe taping; that isn’t much fun), but I especially love it when a client and I have a dream shopping trip. What constitutes a dream shopping trip? Not simply when every item we need is found and then works perfectly together to form a cohesive wardrobe but also when we find a few special pieces that totally elevate that wardrobe.

I’m fortunate enough to experience this almost every time I shop with a client and I wanted to share with you some of the strategies I use to get this outcome. That way, you get to have your dream shopping trip, too.
First, write your list. What do you need? What lifestyle events do you have to cover? Work? A wedding? Casual pieces? Note down what it is you are looking for.

Next, set your budget. It’s important to know what dollars you have to spend as this will determine where you should shop. That said - my best tip is to shop everywhere. What I mean by that, is if you have boutique dollars to spend, don’t discount cheaper stores to get key pieces. A recent shopping trip saw me take a client into Hugo Boss for business wear, but also Glassons for some tailored shorts.

Another tip? Try it on. Clothes are made for bodies, not hangers. Something that may have no hanger appeal can often look fabulous on. Don’t discount it because you think it’s “shapeless”. Also, shop up and down sizes – it’s only you who sees that size tag, while everyone sees the fit. Sometimes the next size up will simply fall better, sometimes a size down will work better with the aesthetic you prefer.

Break your own rules. I can’t stress this enough – I meet too many women who limit themselves by imposing restrictions on what they will wear. If you’ve said “I don’t wear print” “I don’t like ruffles” “I like my skirts to be just above my knee” or “I wear short jackets only” you’ve unknowingly given yourself a rather narrow set of parameters to work with. In doing that, you’ve allowed no space for any magic to happen – and trust me, the magic is often in the unexpected pieces!

If you’d like a dream shopping trip but would rather not go it alone, why not get in touch? We’d love to help. Give us a call on 09 529 5115 or take a look at – let’s have a coffee and make a plan!


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