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Sorting your end of season wardrobe

Written by Jackie O'Fee on February 7th, 2020.      0 comments


Wow – this summer has been one out of the box hasn’t it? I mean, where is the usual day or two of rain? The predicted (but never arrives) cyclone? It’s just weird. Definitely not complaining ‘tho – I love the summer sun. It’s probably just as well that loads of fashion retailers will be panicking about their stock arriving from China – I mean can you even imagine trying on knitwear or winter coats right now?

If I’m honest, it’s actually the same most years. Fashion works to a weird cycle of seasons, I mean Winter stock starts hitting the racks in February which is arguably the warmest and sunniest month, and the sales are in full swing by June, when it’s not even the coldest part of winter as that always comes after the shortest day. My clients, being mostly busy people or people that hate shopping are not even thinking about their winter wardrobes yet, so you’ll often see me hitting the shops with them (or for them) in late April or early May.

What this time of year is perfect for though is getting your wardrobe ready for a new season. It’s a great time to clear out the stuff that’s just taking up room: the worn out, the out of date, the ugly. Anything that you’ve had in your summer wardrobe that you’ve not worn, anything that you have worn but haven’t felt great in – that’s the stuff to get rid of. For me, it’s a favourite jumpsuit that’s been on fairly high rotate for around three or four summers now (it started as something dressy I wore with heels and ended as something I wore on the weekend with trainers) that finally gave up and tore at the seams. That’s the kind of thing that needs to be sent to the bin.

It’s also a great time to take some of your favourite winter pieces out of the spare room wardrobe and take a look to see if any need repairs (including your boots and shoes), if anything needs cleaning (believe it or not, marks you never knew existed actually become deeper over time) or any are past their best. Perhaps you’ve held onto something thinking even though you didn’t wear it last winter, you might want to this winter. Fresh eyes will tell you whether that is true or you need to move it on. De-cluttering now means you head into a new season with purpose, knowing which pieces you need to buy and what you already own.



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