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The best review EVER!

Written by Jackie O'Fee on July 7th, 2020.      0 comments

"Shopping for clothes has always been a challenge for me as I am larger than most and had no confidence around what I should be wearing.

To start with Jackie helped me to understand the colours and styles that I should be wearing. This made a huge difference to my shopping but I was still nervous.

Then I had to find a Mother of the Groom outfit for my son's wedding which was mid July in Maui when we were in winter mode. I was desperate and really worried about letting them down if I didn't have something special to wear.

So I went to talk to Jackie in tears and she was amazing. We talked about the wedding and what was happening. Important as it was being held in the grandmother's garden rather than a hotel.

Jackie then took over and it was wonderful. She went to shops and found outfits in my size, colour and style. Then she took me there so I could try them on. It was so easy and she found things that were going to be perfect in the hot weather. They were outfits that I would never have found on my own. When I found the right one and we bought it I was excited but then suddenly realised that I needed more than just the outfit so Jackie sorted that out as well. by the end of the afternoon I had everything from beautiful blue sandals and new bag to jewellery and even a slip I needed to go under the dress which I would have missed.

Then Jackie helped me to work out the make up to wear. As someone who doesn't wear a lot of make up it was such a relief.

The wedding was a huge success and I felt confident and relaxed instead of my normal unsure and nervous.

I also notice that now I understand my colours I have a wardrobe that is coordinated and things mix and match easily. Knowing what colours to wear saves me money when I do go shopping as i look for my colours and styles so make less mistakes.

Thank you so much Jackie. Your are an angel and you are so natural that you always make me feel special which is a relief when I have always felt so stupid around clothes."

Pam Martin


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