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The Fundamentals

Written by Jackie O'Fee on May 2nd, 2017.      2 comments

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The cornerstones to being stylish are threefold; you need to know what your shape is and how best to dress it, which colours work for your colouring and what current trends are best for you and your lifestyle. Easy, right? Sadly it seems that no, it's not that easy.

Many of us do not know our shape – we might be an hourglass but have decided we’re a pear, may be a rectangle but think we’re an hourglass. Having spent time with literally thousands of kiwi women over the past sixteen years as a stylist, I have learned that knowing your shape is a mystery to many of us. As for colour, too many of us are dismissing the theory as being irrelevant, and in doing so are looking tired, older than we need to or sickly. The right shade works magic for you, and yes – you can ALWAYS find the colour that works for you in the shops, no matter what fashion is dictating.

Which brings me rather neatly to the final puzzle piece – being aware of fashion trends and interpreting these for your shape and lifestyle. Too many women are stuck in old looks that make them look dated. I’m truly surprised at the number of women still wearing tunics and leggings, jeans tucked into knee high boots, or the ultimate in dull: a coloured top with a pair of black pants. Knowing what to try when you hit the shops makes shopping easier and more fruitful. Constantly repeating what you currently own is a recipe for boredom and looking flat.

How to avoid this? I recommend throwing a fashion magazine into your trolley next time you do the supermarket shopping – InStyle is a goodie, FashionQ is also worthwhile. Take a look at skirt and jacket lengths, the structure of jackets, how they mix print and texture. Then apply these ideas to your own wardrobe.

Yes, this may be a blatant plug for Signature Style but that's what I do! If you'd like a hand looking your very best, get in touch - I'd absolutely LOVE to help. Check out the testimonials from many delighted clients, email or call us on 09 529 5115 to pop into our 330 Parnell Road studio for a no-obligation coffee and chat. I look forward to hearing from you!



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