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The right hat?

Written by Jackie O'Fee on August 10th, 2018.      0 comments


We all wear so many hats in life – from being Mum or Dad on the side-line on Saturday morning, to our working life, being ‘on’ at special events, visiting our parents or relaxing at home. All of these roles bring their own requirements for our wardrobes, and a great wardrobe covers all of these facets of our lives effortlessly.

That said, there’s several of us who have one area of life nailed with our sartorial choices, but we really struggle with other areas. I remember several years ago working with a senior-level executive who knew how to do corporate, but totally struggled when it came to casual. In fact, she’d even stopped accepting invitations to barbeques and the like as she didn’t know what to wear if she couldn’t wear a jacket. In her words “I’m either super-corporate or a complete slob – I don’t know how to do the in-between stuff”.

A truly balanced wardrobe is one that has key pieces you can dress either up or down, depending on what your day looks like. That said, some of us are (understandably) reluctant to wear our work clothes anywhere other than work, so a working wardrobe may well be just that – your working wardrobe. It’s the stuff you wear outside of work that needs to work hardest for you. Be it a pair of great pants that work well with a pair of trainers and tee shirt under a leather jacket, equally as well as a pair of heels and silky top or perhaps a dress that you can add a heel and wear out to dinner or pop under a casual biker jacket and wear with boots during the day. We should expect a lot from our clothing.

One of the traps we often fall into is buying an outfit specifically for only one aspect of our lives, and we never think about how we may get more wear out of it. A great remedy to this is to stop and ask yourself when you are buying a new item “What else will this go with?” “Can I wear this with other items I currently own”? If you can’t – you might like to rethink the purchase of it. When you get a new item home, do a bit of a “walk-along” in your wardrobe and see what else it works with – get some longevity out of everything you buy.

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