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What to wear after baby?

Written by Jackie O'Fee on August 25th, 2015.      0 comments

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I recently worked with a client who was struggling with work-wear for her post-baby body. For the months of her pregnancy she wore maternity appropriate dresses and tunics under jackets. For her maternity leave at home, it was tee shirts and comfy pants and now, returning to work with an entirely new shape, she was finding it difficult to disguise her leftover baby bulge.

Of course, it's not just women who struggle with changing shape, although I do wonder if they are more conscious of it. I recently worked with a man who had lost so much weight his suit hung on him like David Byrne's in an '80s Talking Heads music video. When I asked if he was aware of how he looked, he shrugged and said "Oh, yes I've lost a bit of weight recently. I suppose I should really buy a new suit." Hmmm. Yes, he should - no one will ever look polished looking as if they have run away from the circus!

Back to the post baby body, what can you do if you want to hide the extra kilos clinging to your midsection and bum? Here's few body flattering tips if you've recently gained weight.

Wear print. Contrary to common belief, print is incredibly slimming and flattering. Where a plain colour will sit on your bulges catching the light, print will hide them. Choose a print that is appropriate in size for you; a medium sized woman should wear a medium sized print, whereas a petite gal should choose a small print. Look for colours that flatter you and you're good to go.

Grab a blazer. Jackets are the best friend of anyone who is carrying extra weight (and pretty good for anyone who isn't too). A jacket will give a curvy figure shape through the torso, define the shoulders and draw the eye inward making you appear slimmer. These are magic when worn over a print as our eye will always find the print.

Try a "fit and flare" dress. These dresses create shape through your body so that you don't have to. Find one with a wider-set shoulder that skims through your waist and then flares at the hem. The structured shape of this garment means you appear to have a waist even if the reality is quite different.

Wear light colour under dark. Lighter colour reflects more light when put against deeper tones. When worn under a darker colour, the lighter tone will also attract the eye inwards, making your torso look narrower.

Go for the drape. Soft fabrics that drape and move around the body can hide a lot of figure challenges. Watch the volume here 'though as the idea is to keep your over-all silhouette slim.

Choose asymmetrical lines. One of the most flattering choices you can make when dressing  is asymmetrical details as they make it difficult to easily compare one side to the other. Diagonals, handkerchief hemlines, curved hems are all good choices here.

Strong verticals work magic. This doesn't necessarily mean stripes but vertical lines create the illusion of height and length. Look for centre details (like plackets), ties, pleats, contrast details and zips.

Get your Spanx on. Shape wear is fabulous stuff. It smooths bumps making your garments glide over the top, will hold in your tummy and lift your butt. Huge advances in the technology around these products mean the options are almost limitless. From full-body suits to hold everything in place to a simple, sheer, tummy-trimming brief there's something for everyone.

The joy of dressing well is when your garments fit you, flatter you and make you feel fabulous. The science behind that is in the details of what works for you and why. No matter what shape you are, there are simple tricks to looking great, every day. We’d love to show you what works for you – why not book a Free 15 minute consultation today? 


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