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Break some rules!!

Written by Jackie O'Fee on May 27th, 2015.      2 comments


We all know the phrase “Rules are made to be broken” and never is this more apt than when working with fashion. Fashion rules change constantly, which is why you’ll seldom hear a true fashionista spouting any. Rules belong in another, more conservative era. There were rules that were plain silly: blue and green should never be seen (why not?). Never wear white shoes after Easter (what if it’s really hot and you’re still wearing your summer wardrobe?).  Don’t wear black and navy (who says? It’s a subtle and actually quite unexpectedly lovely pairing). You can’t mix spots and stripes (you can’t? Seriously, this is one of the easiest ways to creatively mix print).

In my role as a personal stylist I share insights into how to dress your body to look your absolute best. I give in-depth guidelines to my clients when it comes to dressing their shape – everything from what length jacket works best, what dress styles enhance you, which necklines work best, what to look for when shopping and what to avoid.That said, I’m a true believer in challenging a few rules. The thing is, I think you need to know the rules in order to break them – by that I mean, if you know what works best for you and why, then you’ll know how to break that rule and still look great.

An example? I have a long torso and short legs, which means I look best in pants that are full length and have no cuff. Except, for the past couple of seasons ankle grazers and cuffs are totally on trend. What to do? I wear the cuffed ankle grazer pants, but I’ll wear these with a heel (adding length to my leg) and team them with a shorter top and jacket (visually shortening my torso). This means I can successfully wear one of the key trends of the season without looking like an ewok from Star Wars.

As an aside, I also provide detailed information about the colour palette that best suits you, which admittedly is an area where I am loathe to break any rules, as the colours that suit you best are just so damn flattering I have no desire to stray to hues that make me look tired or old.

If you’d like to know the rules for your shape, plus get a few tips on how to break them – get in touch. At Signature Style we can give you all the information you need to ensure you look fabulous every single day, no matter what the dictates of ‘fashion’. Give us a call or pop in for a coffee at our 35 Broadway studio. 


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