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Day two - the real work begins

Written by Jackie O'Fee on August 30th, 2011.      1 comments

Today's fashion week schedule started with Ingrid Starnes first ever fashion week show. As with most previous years (except for last year when I did fashion Week 'lite' due to commitments in the South Island), I am once again part of the team of reviewers for which meant that instead of simply turning up and watching the show, I'm usually furiously scribbling and sketching into my trusty A5 spiral bound notebook. I've got to admit, it does change the emphasis quite a lot as you tend to look at shows with more of a "How am I going to write about this?" and "What do I need to remember?" angle, as opposed to a couple of shows I attended as a spectator today (one in particular I thought was so vile I was ecstatic it wasn't me having to review it).

My view this year has been a bit compromised - can't really say why, but with the number of empty seats at each show, you've got to wonder what's going on. Still, fashion week has always been the great leveller - or should that be the great ego slap - and I'm certainly not special or famous enough to make the front row, so I'll happily take what I can get. Even if it does mean my reviews focus on the top half of an outfit 'cause that's all I can see!

My view.jpg 
Great view over the absolutely gorgeous Megan from's shoulder 

As a reviewer I've spent much of the day in the media room, which this year has quite a fun vibe. The fashionz laptop is directly opposite one of my favourite people, Juls Roulston and next door to Katherine from Katherine is

Media Room.jpg
Media Room

I also checked out the NZFW bar, which is one of the only bars on site that you can visit without having a special VIP pass. See, it's all glamour isn't it? Oh, and in case you were wondering no, I didn't have a wine - it was sparking water for me all the way. In fact, I even volunteered to get a round of coffees for my media friends so I could add an extra lap of the stairs for my bikini focused butt:
Quite a workout, don't you think?

Tonight, I'm off to see one of my most favourite designers show at St Matthew in the City: Salasai. Every collection of designer Kirsha Whitcher's normally has me mentally making shopping lists that pretty much read "I'll have all of that, thanks" and best of all - I've been given a seat in Row B.  I'll post a few piccys of that tomorrow.

Oh, and finally because I know you're probably dying to know; today I'm wearing a gorgeous Lela Jacobs dress that I picked up a couple of weeks ago in Wellington.
Off to FW.jpg
  Off to Fashion Week - Day Two 


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looking good, as I am not up there I am enjoying your blog
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