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Getting our GLAM on!

Written by Jackie O'Fee on February 14th, 2012.      0 comments

Gosh, 2011 was such a hugely busy and awesomely sucessful year for Signature Style (why can't we get a contract to dress Air New Zealand every year - any other airlines keen?), that for 2012 it was time to start thinking big! So we did. Late last year, we took a big leap and signed up to take Signature Style BIGGER! To be honest, we were really outgrowing our small but perfectly formed space in Epsom, so a move to something larger was definitely needed. As one of my life-guiding principles is "If you're going to do something - then do it WELL!" beyond simply moving to a bigger space, it was time to move Signature Style to a beautiful, flexible and high-profile space. So late last year we signed the lease on the villa at the roundabout at the top of Newmarket (used to be Megs Alterations), number 35 Broadway.
Premises re-sized

Getting the lease was really only the begining; after a quick (now shortened) Christmas break we began a six weeks of really hard work, and a newfound appreciation for a really, really good builder - Thanks Stewart MacPhail from M&K Projects (a man who truly deserves this unashamed plug, call him on 021 596 079). In order to keep our costs down slightly, we opted to do the painting ourselves. Something that prompted me, while up a ladder at 11:30pm one Saturday night to tell my husband that we are NEVER buying a do-up! That said, at least the physical exhaustion meant I wasn't lying awake worrying about the mounting costs!
Well, it's been a little over a week now since we opened our doors, the place looks gorgeous - and we have a few more finishing touches to add. Yesterday, we filled a planter box with gorgeous ivy geraniums along the front verranda, and we'll soon have a cute, low picket fence. Meanwhile, I'd really like my office to look something less like I'm camping in it (it has become the dumping room for the stuff we are not sure what we'll do with), but obviously that requires me to find a gap to get it sorted!
From front doorSMALL


So, come on in - have a coffee (yes, we've got a proper machine) on us, and check the place out. We'd love you just to say "Hi". There's parking out the back, so no excuses! 


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