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I wore it last time - can I wear it again or will I look silly?

Written by Jackie O'Fee on February 10th, 2015.      0 comments

The phrase “there’s nothing new under the sun” is never truer than when you are talking about fashion. Last winter, we were all playing in fashions’ time machine with the revival of 90s Grunge, 60s pop-art and 70s dresses. There were whispers of the return of flared pants (which didn't eventuate thank goodness!), culottes making a comeback and sweatshirts as fashion were big news.

Many women  struggle with the 'back to the future-ness' of the seasons, having been told that if you can remember wearing it the first time around, you can't wear it again. That rule, I can assure you, is a complete load of rubbish. It belongs in the same vault of other stupid fashion rules like ‘blue and green should never be seen’, ‘you can’t wear white shoes in winter’ and ‘horizontal stripes make you look fatter’. A complete nonsense made up by the fun police. The reality is that yes, you absolutely can wear a trend again, so long as you tailor it to your current body shape and age.

How do you take the past and keep it fresh? Like any fashion trend, you need to pick the pieces that work for you – yes, acid washed and over-sized denim jackets have made a return, but a woman of a certain age still looks best if hers is slightly more fitted. Leather pants are always on trend in Winter, but some of us will welcome the ponti/leather combos as being more flattering (not to mention more comfortable). Flannel checked shirts won’t work for everyone but a more classic shirt looks great with your jeans. Square cut 80s midriff baring crop tops are not friendly to a thickening middle, but look great layered over a longer shirt.

Make the look yours by accessorising it in a modern way; just because you still own a pair of Caterpillar work boots doesn’t mean that your checked pants or boyfriend jeans wouldn't look better with a heeled bootie. By the way, a leather biker jacket has no age limit and looks great layered over dresses, as well as worn with your jeans.

The real trick to taking a trend from your past and wearing it well is to make it look more expensive. You see, all the cheapie chain stores will be churning out trend pieces thick and fast meaning that yes, you will look like you are ‘trying too hard’ if you leap into the same garments as every teen in town. Instead, find the key pieces to create the look from a higher-end store (or your current wardrobe). Take the trend and own it – your way.

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