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Indecision, Sabatini and Breakfast at the Hilton - so begins another Fashion Week

Written by Jackie O'Fee on August 29th, 2011.      6 comments

The first slot on the NZFW schedule today belonged to Sabatini, who showcased their Sabatini White collection over 'breakfast' at the Hilton. Said breakfast was gorgous little rammekins of scrambled egg that you ate with your own crispy bacon 'spork', cream cheese filled filo tartlettes, smoked salmon on rye and other delicious treats, all washed down with bubbles or orange juice. I can only write about what the food looked like, I've got less than a week before I plan to be in a bikini beside the pool in Fiji. The clothes when they eventually appeared were as expected, gorgeous. The strikingly thin models wearing said garments also aided my dietary restraint, I can assure you.
Sabatini Models

Sabatini are a much loved kiwi brand - today they celebrated 20years in the industry and the fact they are still proudly manufactured here, in Mt Roskill which is pretty cool. Funnily enough, they are bigger in Australia it seems than here, their homeland. I wonder why? I know that Isakelle boutique has just started stocking them here in Auckland but otherwise I think their only stockist might be Smith and Caughey.   
Me and Colin 
So, the glamour begins you think. Well, maybe not... Fashion week is fraught with challenges, you see.  Fashion week for me starts well before the first show with the most hideous "what am I going to wear?" moment. After all, you'll be turning up to a room full of your industry peers and you need to get it right, right? This year I borrowed a couple of bits from my younger sister's wardrobe (she has the absolute best closet and I consider myself very fortunate to be related to her). Today, I decided to rock out the full length black & white Bassike number. It's truly awesome, so the decision to wear it wasn't that hard. The scariest bit is actually when you arrive at the venue and see what everyone else is wearing. Which today seemed a whole lot more casual than what I was wearing...hmm. What the hell, I thought - if I'm overdressed, I'm gonna rock it. So, looking a whole lot more confident than I was feeling, I lifted my head and got on with catching up with some of my favourite people.
Oh, and my first goody bag haul? A black spatula (hmmm- but it is quite cool), two Whittakers choloate bars (I'll give those away, promise) a Smashbox gloss (yes, I know - coals to Newcastle), the latest Simply You, a L'Oreal hair product and the most gorgeous Sabatini scarf.
I'll keep in touch each day and let you know all about the rest of my Fashion week...



Lulu Rose says ...
Your dress looks great!
Shannon says ...
Yeah, as above, the dress looks great. I so know that feeling!... for me it's the one time I dress nice and it turns out to be casual!!
Sheree says ...
That is Stunning!
diann says ...
love hearing what you get in the goodie bags, I remember a year which seem to be bottle water, a mag i already had and sweets, and that was most show, hope you get better than that, and you look great by the way, it is the right time to stand out
Eileen says ...
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Megan Robinson says ...
Hi! Weird how you can't get Sabatini many places here huh? It is now at the new Curate boutique that Paul Blomfield opened in Britomart on Friday.
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