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Mutton Dressed as Lamb?

Written by Jackie O'Fee on March 24th, 2015.      1 comments

In my work I’ll often speak to women who are concerned that they can no longer wear a certain style “Now I’m a bit older”. It’s an interesting dilemma – is there an age that means you can no longer wear something?

 don’t believe there is. Today I met an incredibly stylish 53 year old. She was dressed in a maxi skirt, singlet top and great pair of wedges. Her arms were toned, her hair was long and to be honest, she could have easily passed for 10 years younger. 

I guess that’s the point really; if you still look youthful, you can still wear youthful. We did laugh a little about the fact that she will drop into Dotti and buy a cute jacket, and then be caught out when she spies an 18 year old in the same style. I told her the key is to spend more money – there are less 18 year olds with the cash to buy more expensive items!

The flip side is I often meet women who are too scared to wear anything they perceive as too young as they are “over 40 now”. Instead, they err to the side of matronly. Nothing ages a woman faster than clothing more often seen on someone much older; shapeless ¾ pants (the work of the devil), overly floral or stripey t-shirts, anything in fine mesh crinkle – the list of fogey fashion seen on young women is long. 

Remaining youthful and stylish without looking silly is easy; it starts with simple things like keeping your hairstyle up to date. It doesn’t necessarily mean going short unless it suits you (who says you need short hair as you get older?) Wear make-up, and keep it current.  Keep wearing your heels or if you really can’t, try a lower wedge of trendy flat (this season we’ll be going nuts for flats) but save the orthopaedic ‘comfortable’ styles for the rest home. You should shop widely, not just in stores that cater for older women. Take a look in shops you might perceive as “teenage” and gather inspiration from Pinterest and magazines. Then go looking for styles you like.

Trust me, being “over 40” does not make you old. Giving up does. If you feel like you’ve lost your way when it comes to looking your age in the best possible way, get in touch. We’d love to show you how you can look fabulous, no matter what your age is.


Audrey Meyer says ...
I am 80 years old but still dress with a bit of style. I have always been interested in fashion and enjoy looking up to date without spending a fortune. As I age I rely on my classics - black jacket and a good pair of black pants but I jazz these up with brighter colours in both tops and accessories. I also still wear jeans, straight leg suits my petite frame, a pair of ankle boots with a medium heel, a trendy tote, a beret or fedora and I'm ready for town! Tunics do a great job of covering up any flaws to the waistline but I tend to go for a fabric that hangs close to the body to avoid bulk. I certainly don't feel like mutton dressed as lamb. It has a lot to do with confidence in yourself I think.
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