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Opening night at the Rugby World Cup

Written by Jody on September 10th, 2011.      0 comments

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup.  Now, no one could accuse me of being an avid rugby fan but I do recognise it as being part of our kiwi culture and am quietly proud of it.
It was one of those magic Auckland days - cool, crisp and gorgeously sunny.  There was such a buzz about the city, you could feel the excitement as everyone planned what they would do and where they would be.
The biggest question I had is what you wear to the corporate box at opening night of one of the biggest sporting tournaments that has ever been in this country.
From my informal survey - black, jeans, something warm, black, something 'nice', black...hmmm black was a bit of a 'no-brainer' and I'm sure no one struggled to find something in their wardrobes knowing how fond Kiwi's are of the colour.
But what if black is not one's best colour and you want to mark the occasion and invitation to a corporate box in more than just jeans and trainers?  Well I settled for something black printed and pretty over grey skinny jeans (a nod to the casual) and a trench over top to keep out the chill.  It felt right, not to 'fashiony' and warm, more than I could say for the young-thing wearing a skin-tight scarlett bondage dress and matching heels who shivered her way through the evening (please someone give that girl a cardi!)
The crowds energy was amazing and the visual effects of the opening piece were absolutely jaw-dropping.  It was an evening we could all be proud of.  Go All Blacks!

Heading out to the opening ceremony

rugby 2011.jpg
A pop of red (Tonga supporters) in a sea of black

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