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Review: NZFW Designer Selection Show

Written by Geoffrey Renton on September 6th, 2013.      2 comments

Us ‘girls’ all had ideas about what our first time would be like – mood lighting, two glasses of wine, drama, being swept off our feet. Basically, just like TV. Being a first timer to a NZ Fashion Week public show I had these expectations.
Let’s forgive the ‘just like TV’ criterion because the show was never going to be the fashiontv glamour from Paris or New York, though the goodie bag did have a water bottle loosely resembling Michel Adam's fashion water. As an aside though, the best goodie in the bag – a $70 Smashbox voucher! So I’ll be talking foundation with Sam at our Smashbox counter next week…not that I wear makeup...honest. Glasses of wine were ticked off after the tasters from the cute boy on arrival and mood lighting was a given, which leaves the expectations of drama and being swept off my feet.
Bonds underwear provided drama by opening to the tune of 007 and a sultry plus size blonde, gun in hand and attitude in tow, commanding the runway and flaunting her curves – as every true Bond[s] girl does. Likewise, we knew Trelise Cooper Spring 13/14 had arrived when the lighting deepened and the striking Marquee pantsuit strutted on stage to the punchy Baby Baby Baby - Make the Girl Dance – now shamelessly at the top of my iTunes most played list. The bold striped theme continued in Frantisek SS 14 with a collection in monochrome and yellow shades providing easy additions to the usually dull corporate wardrobe.
I was aflutter when Lela Jacobs showed. Somewhere between my daily walks past ‘The Keep’, glimpses of her at the cutting table and being teased by the Target Skulker hailing me from the clothing rack, I have become her secret admirer. Seeing the strength of design and androgyny in her work come to life was another special highlight for me.
lela jacobs FW shot edited 2
Though I think it’s best left to the leopards in Southeast Asia, those with a predisposition for entire ensembles in leopard print will be delighted with Stolen Girlfriends Club SS 13/14, which took a fresh and warmer take on the classic motif. Annah Stretton showed her usual bouquet of flowers, I mean dresses. Oh yeah and Ezibuy arrived this year with a collection that was five years too late.
It was the opening night of NZ Fashion Week and just like my first time it didn’t quite go to plan – a shoe fell off and a dress was stood on, but the major let downs were price stickers on most of the shoes and conspicuously cumbersome models. So as for being swept off my feet, I’ll leave that to Fashion Weekend because I’m sure the independent designer shows will be more whole-hearted than what Monday had to offer.


karyn says ...
love it!
Emma Rose says ...
This was a BRILLIANT blog!!!!! Absolutely fantastic words, can relate to your experience of fashion week.

*just heading to iTunes to check out that song*
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