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Shopping Sanity and other stories

Written by Jackie O'Fee on December 7th, 2011.      2 comments

So, it’s almost here – the most fun but also the most stressful time of year – Christmas. For the team at Signature Style Christmas looming means busy, busy, busy! As we get a few hot and humid days the phone starts to ring – you can almost see the thought bubble “What am I going to wear in this heat? I’ve got NOTHING!!!” Add to that Christmas parties, weddings, summer holidays and our shopping service becomes super popular.

Not that we mind – in fact we love it. It actually makes great sense for our clients too. You’d have to say the worst part of Christmas is the shopping bit. I mean, who hasn’t had to fight with the hoards of other cars for a carpark, only to jostle your way through crowded stores looking for what you want, to then queue for a fitting room all to a soundtrack of screaming toddlers, yelling high school kids and Christmas carols? Urrgh!
Screaming child
The joys of working with a personal stylist is that we’ve done the legwork before you meet up with us, we know who has what, we know which items will work for you and we’ve put them aside which means we save you time (straight to the fitting room) and money – especially if we visit one of the many stores that give our clients a discount. If you’ve ever worked out with a personal trainer during peak hours, you will know what I mean – you appreciate not having to wait for a workout machine and the effectiveness that expertise brings. It’s much the same with us.

It’s interesting, too that we are booked for many of our other services pre-Christmas with a view to going shopping post-Christmas, when the crowds have dissipated and the sales are in full swing. It’s great time to shop, with so much summer left over and admittedly so much “Auckland” at the beach.

This time of year is definitely the time of giving, too. Loads and loads of our Gift Vouchers head out the door this month. I personally love the conversations with the husbands who call to buy one for their wives. Perhaps there’s been hints made, maybe she loves watching Gok Wan or whatever other makeover show is on and although you can tell that many of them don’t really ‘get’ what we do, they are really keen for their partner to have a wonderful experience. It’s adorable listening to them as they kind of stumble through the conversation about our services. I try to make it as easy as possible for them, so they know they’re know their wife will be in expert hands. By the way, if you want a gift voucher you do know you can organise it over the phone, don’t you?

There’s always so much to do before the year concludes, too. For me, one of the coolest things I have to do is to plan a shopping trip to New York that I’ve been asked to host. Yep, they want me to take a group of around 14-16 women up to New York to shop the sales next July, plus have loads of really cool fashion experiences along the way. I was really, really blessed last week with one of those “Couldn’t have planned it if you tried” things: while working in Christchurch I caught up with some old friends who just happened to have a house guest from New York staying a few days...her job? Fashion PR. Stop the bus! That was a huge big dose of major serendipity right there!  Trust me, we’re talking!

So what do I want for Christmas? This year I really want to have secured a great space to move Signature Style into in 2012, sunny weather, lazy days on my sun-lounger, plenty of new books on my e-reader, and a new handbag under the tree. Sounds great to me – c’mon Santa!


Julie says ...
Hi Jackie
Happy Christmas! I hope you get what you want. Having experienced your personalised shopping services on a few occasions now ( first time was about 9 or 10 years ago!) Lucky Lucky Me! I just wanted to add how they continue to be a good investment - some clothes I still wear, others are worn out of course. And when I do shop on my own its with much more confidence. So Thanks again and good luck with finding new premises. looking forward to future shopping experiences Cheers Julie
Matthew Lily says ...
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