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Spring Style Guide 2012

Written by Jackie O'Fee on September 28th, 2012.      3 comments



Print pants, Neon, Pastel, Lace, Minis, Maxis, Print blazers, Shift dresses, Peplums, Chanel-style jackets, Shorts, Structure, Movement.

Walk into any fashion store right now and it’s almost a sensory overload – the variety is huge.It’s one of the delights of fashion that within any season, there are options that work for everyone. One of the best things about what we do as personal stylists is helping clients work out which of the new trends will work brilliantly for them, and even more valuably, what to leave on the racks. So, let’s take a look at what works, for whom and why...

Neon. OK, as a Colour consultant I’d have to say neon isn’t anyone’s colour. It’s simply too, too strong – and that’s the point of it really. It wears the wearer, it’s a statement and it’s a loud one. With that in mind, I think it’s a very fun trend. I guess if there were any ‘rules’ around it, if you’ve got strong colouring (dark hair, dark eyes) I suspect you’ll wear it better than someone with softer features (fair, blue-eyed blondes for example), for whom it will completely overwhelm (if that’s you – you’ll look awesome in pastels). Still keen? Try it in pants, shoes or accessories rather than shirts, jackets or tops and wear it back with white or grey.

Print. Ahhh - a true favourite. So very gorgeous, so very ‘summer’, so very feminine. It’s also wonderful for a myriad of reasons. Not least, it hides a multitude of sins. Hate your tummy? Back fat? Wobbly bits? Print is your friend – you can’t see what’s going on behind it. What you need to know: draws attention to the part of the body it is worn on – our eye finds print interesting, so if you are heavy of thigh, print pants need to be balanced on your top half with something light and bright. Likewise, a print top on a gal with a larger bust and broad shoulders needs a light colour on the bottom. Print dresses work for everyone but keep your print to your size: a petite gal needs a petite print, a larger one a larger print.

Structure. After seasons of floaty layers this summer might just have us all buying shapewear (check out Spanx – finally available in NZ). Structured garments are everywhere. Peplum tops, pencil skirts, tailored blazers or Chanel-esq jackets. We’re all playing ladies. Rich, posh ladies. In fact, Posh is possibly to blame, but then she lives on strawberries and air so good luck to her. This is a trend that works for all women. The structure of a peplum will create shape where there is none, the slimmer silhouette is immensely flattering to curves. It’s a winner. It’s a shame it also requires a girl to walk tall and hold her tummy in. Or maybe that’s not a shame at all.

Shorts. Yes, gorgeous dressy shorts in leather, lace, print and colour. These are everywhere. At least we may see the end of the ubiquitous denim cut-off but sadly we’re unlikely to see the end of legs that really don’t look great in shorts. Top tip? Sit down in front of the mirror in them. Still look good? Go for it.

For many of us, a season with as many options as this one will lead to a sense of paralysis. A sense of “which way do I go? What do I try? Argh – I give up!” I encourage you to get in there and play. Try stuff on, break your rules and have some fun. No-one is making you buy it, but at least you’ll get a greater sense of what works for you.


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