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Written by SuperGirl on September 24th, 2012.      1 comments

Trelise Cooper Evening

Moving to Newmarket has its benefits. Other than the obvious pleasure of more space, and greater exposure for the business, there’s also Mojo café on Carlton Gore Road and Trelise Cooper within walking distance of the Studio.  In the spirit of community we were invited to hold a little soirée up at the Trelise store.  The “Spring 2012” collection had just arrived in-store, and with all those stunning bright outfits I’d seen in the window the day before, it was the perfect chance to have a play!  
I was really excited about the evening as I’ve had a little crush on anything Trelise for quite a while now.  So I wanted to make things a little special, starting with the invitations.  I love it when I get a creative idea, such as hand making delicate individual invitations to send out to clients. What I don’t love is when on the 50th - delicately made invitation - I realise that the phone number is wrong (cue ‘if you think I’m helping you redo these again your crazy” look from team).   But sometimes through panic comes genius!  And sometimes a lick of ribbon fixes all and no one is any the wiser.
 Trelise Cooper Flowers 1
The lovely team up at Trelise had put on quite a yummy spread (thank you!) and the store is just so beautiful, thus creating the perfect atmosphere for our clients to try on things that pushed their boundaries a little.  Christie modelled what we now refer to as the Magic Dress as it looked amazing on everyone, and I saw the true value in what we do when one of our clients came out looking positively radiant in a top she would never have had the confidence to even try on before. 
For lack of a better word, there was a real camaraderie among the group when we left and I even spotted people swapping phone numbers! There was some discussion about how we must return the favour to Claire, Mel and the team, so next time they can come to our place!

Spring into Spring Workshop

It was very much like the butterfly feeling of waiting for people to turn up to your birthday party.  Would they have fun? Would they like the food? Would they be comfortable? And why is that random glass there!?… I’ll just fix it up……………
We have just held the first of our Style Workshops at the Studio and I’m happy to report that we’ve had some wonderful feedback and overall it was a big success.  There were a few snags along the way (who would have thought a live Botox demo would be so hard to wrangle?!) but, to my relief everything else was fairly issue free. 
There’s quite a lot of preparation that goes into even a small event like this, and not all of it is as glamorous as one may imagine. An example of this is the Goodie Bags.  Putting together goodie bags is quite methodical.  I got myself in quite a rhythm but by 9pm on a Friday night I vowed to never ever take a goodie bag at Fashion Week for granted again.  I can’t even imagine the well-oiled machine that is the goodie bag team for one of the big shows.   We really did take some thought as to what to put in them (no one wants to be the giver of a sucky party favour) so a big thanks to the client who took the time to comment that they were very goody, goodie bags (warm fuzzy inside)
More importantly, the workshop was just fabulous and all the speakers were so passionate about their chosen field it was really inspiring.  I had a chance to take in as much info as I could from why I should lower my coffee intake, to falling in love with the benefits of wearing print.
A BIG thank you for those of you who took that time to place your feedback.  It has all been taken on board and really does provide us with what we need to make things better each time.   And to the client who suggested wine, sounds great! can I join you?

Signing out,
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