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Style on a shoe string and shopping the sales

Written by Jody Blackwood on December 22nd, 2011.      0 comments

Looking great on a budget can be done, it just takes a bit of planning so that you make the most out of every dollar that you’re spending. And this close after the big Christmas spend every dollar counts!  It's a great time to be hitting the shops and working those boxing day sales, so here are some hints and tricks to see you through.
Sale Sign
A couple of the classic mistakes Kiwi girls make (regardless of budget)  is shopping aimlessly, unsure of exactly what they need – “tops, I want tops” – then getting their purchase home only to find they don’t like it or they’ve already got  three very similar in their wardrobe. Then having a wardrobe full of stuff but only wearing a fraction of it – and still feeling like they have nothing to wear! This doesn’t help the budget and you can often end up wasting time and money.
Dollar Bill

A few guide lines before you hit the shops
  1. Know thy self – what colours work, understanding your body shape and how to make the most of the good bits while skimming over the bad bits and lastly being honest about your lifestyle. If you’re a mum at home you probably don’t need six silk dresses as nice as they might be.
  2. Planning – start with a good look in your wardrobe first and make a list. Also make a bit of time before you lay down your cash to check out what’s on offer in the stores. Yes this does mean a bit more traipsing round but you’ll find the best pieces for your budget and list
Now the fun part (or it should be the fun part!) SHOPPING
  1. Choose a neutral tone for your basics (jacket, pants, shorts etc) – go for grey, navy, taupe or caramel (there is more in life than black!) that will work back with tops, t shirts and knits
  2. Always keep an eye on fabrics. There has been a big move to using viscose but not all are created equal – look for ones that have a bit of weight without a tell tale sheen which can often mean that it will look stretched out and rubbed within a few washes. Cotton lycra is and oldie but a goodie and wash and wears fairly well.
  3. Check the details and avoid trim, lace or buttons that make it look cheap (yes we are on a budget but we don’t have to dress like we’re on one!)
  4. Only buy it if you love it, feel great in it and it works with your plan.
  5. It still needs to fit well – don’t think that you’ll “do something to it” when you get home or that you’ll lose three kilos. The garment shouldn’t pull or strain nor should it emphasize any lumps & bumps.
  6. Don’t forget the details – adding a print scarf, statement necklace or earrings, bold toned shoe or bag will add depth to your outfit, give you the ability to dress things up and down and try fashion trends without having to invest head to toe.  (Almost every store have accessories racks to choose from)
  7. Putting it all together – lay it all out on your bed, grab other pieces from your wardrobe and play.
And last but not least – have fun and try taking the odd risk!
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