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The Adventures of SuperGirl... 'That top is wearing YOU!'

Written by SuperGirl on September 23rd, 2011.      0 comments

 When Jackie mentioned that as part of my offical SuperGirl training I was going to experience one of our top selling services, I was delighted.
Having an English Rose complexion is quite a novelty if you are a character in Pride and Prejudice, but in the real world “English Rose” can often translate to pale and pasty, and believe me, in winter the novelty quickly wears off. 
The strangest thing is that in summer I am then blessed with a glowing tan and sun kissed hair thanks to my Kiwi roots which is why I have always been so confused and quite frankly terrified of colour. 
Like a lot of us I had found comfort in my black and neutrals.  Sure, I had brought an amazing bold fuchsia print top last year, but every time I wore it something just didn’t feel right and so there it sat in the closet with the rest of my ’brave’ purchases.
I could never figure out why I never wore it; It’s such an amazing top! It’s Silk! It’s Trelise! And it cost me a near fortune……
And help was at hand with our lovely stylist Erena, she was here to explain to me that even though yes; it was an amazing top, it wasn’t working for me.  The truth of the matter was that I wasn’t wearing the top - the TOP was wearing me!
We started the Colour analysis with a brief introduction around the colour theory. I found it interesting to learn that the theory had some really solid basis and a little personal quiz from Erena was a good example of how we are often attracted to colours we love as a child (which would explain my penchant for Fuchsia!).
Next came the pampering session; stripped of all make up I was treated to a mini-facial –  including a hydrating face mask (which my skin was ever so grateful for after several months of working in intense aircon!) followed by a sensationally relaxing hand massage I was fully chilled out and ready to find my true colours!
Erena then worked though various colour swatches carefully explaining why each did or didn’t work, and after a while I could tell that I could pick them too, it soon became so obvious.  Some colours enhanced my features while others just enhanced those rosy checks! I was then treated to having my make-up professionally done, with an obvious emphasis around colour as I had once again fallen into the trap of the ‘safe’ colours.

Without giving too much away it was truly one of those experiences that I wish I had done YEARS ago, I would have saved myself a lot of time, money, and some really terrible choices. 
The most important revelation – The black had to go! So armed with my new colour swatches I went home and dutifully cleansed my wardrobe of all (OK, most) of the black, and others colours that “just weren’t quite right”.  I can proudly say that I take my swatches everywhere with me now, they are my new secret weapon!
And then the truly amazing thing happened when I was out shopping with Mr SuperGirl the other day I went to grab something and he said “Honey, stop! Are you sure that’s one of your colours?!"  And so out came the swatches………  

"Navy is the new black"


Till next time,



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