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Way to work it!

Written by Jackie O'Fee on February 9th, 2015.      0 comments

Way to work it!

Wardrobe Workout
I worked out this morning (excuse the terrible pun) that I have been seeing a personal trainer for almost twenty years (no, not the same one – there’s been around 8 different trainers). I was thinking about what it is that makes me prefer to work out with a trainer, rather than on my own in the gym. I certainly have the knowledge and skills to do workouts on my own – I’ve been a member at Les Mills (in five cities) since I was seventeen, I’ve done boot-camps and boxing, circuits and group fitness classes, I have competed in (and won) body building competitions. My exercise repertoire is extensive enough that I could certainly keep boredom at bay but there are things I really like about working with a trainer, and funnily enough they echo some of the reasons why you might want to work with a personal stylist.

They make you work harder: Training alone in the gym you’re apt to cheat. You start off thinking you’ll do three sets of fifteen reps of a particular exercise, followed by the same of another and the same of another (that’s called a giant set BTW, told you I knew stuff). The reality looks a bit different ‘though: instead you’ve done two complete sets, and that last set is just really hard so you do about eight of the first two and skip the third altogether.  A trainer is there to a) stop you cheating and b) encourage you to finish – “Do not let this beat you” is a phrase that my trainer has used that has since become an internal mantra of mine.

How is this like working with a personal stylist? We push you, too. We’ll encourage you to try things you haven’t thought of and keep at it until we find you the best garment for the job.

They correct your form. When you’re tired or trying a new exercise a personal trainer will show you how to do the exercise or remind you to keep your form “engage your core” or “bend your knees slightly” for example.

A personal stylist will also help you keep your ‘form’. We’ll gently tell you if the colour you’ve picked isn’t one of yours or the style of a garment doesn’t work with your shape – and we’ll not only find the garments that do work for you, we’ll explain why too.

They have your goal in mind and they work the plan to achieve it. Personal trainers have always told me why we’re doing something “OK, so you’ve only got 30 minutes we’ll do a total body workout and you’ll still work hard enough” or “That gets your heart rate up, and turns on the fat burning.” You leave every workout closer to your goal.

A personal stylist will also be working with your goal in mind. “I need a wardrobe for work that I don’t have to think about”, “I want to look gorgeous at the wedding”, “I need a total makeover”. Whether it’s for a one-off event or a complete new look, we gently build our way to that outcome.

They keep it fresh. A good personal trainer is one who gives you a different work out every time. Yes, you may have done the exercises before but the combination will be different, and there’s usually something new thrown into the mix, too. Good personal trainers keep learning and pass their knowledge on to you. This keeps it fresh, and challenges your body in new (rewarding) ways.

Your personal stylist will also keep things fresh – sure, you may be wanting to replace a jacket you’ve had for a few seasons with something similar, but your stylist will show you how to work it back with some new trend pieces, too. We’ll be aware of your needs - like suits for work perhaps, but help balance these with personality pieces that create the magic in your wardrobe.

It’s more fun. Yes, it definitely IS more fun working out with someone else, someone who’ll keep the conversation flowing, who encourages you to try harder and can make you laugh when you are feeling challenged.

Shopping with a personal stylist is loads of fun, too. We keep it interesting, are there to encourage you and having someone to laugh with along the way is far more enjoyable than trying to get honest advice from retail staff.

The list here could be twice as long, but you get the point. So, why would you go it alone when the benefits to working with a stylist are so vast? Even better, UNLIKE a trainer we don’t have to be a weekly commitment, but we should be at least a twice per. year one.

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