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What to wear at this time of year

Written by Jody Blackwood on November 25th, 2011.      0 comments

It’s a tricky time of the year to dress with cool mornings, warm afternoons that hint at the mugginess to come, not to mention the wind and drizzle. The term that loosely covers this is tran-seasonal dressing but really we spend about 8 months of the year doing this as we only have a few months each of true Summer and deep Winter.

 And how do we dress ‘tran-seasonally’; by layering. Lots of women we work with often say they don’t get the whole concept but it’s much simpler than it looks. It doesn’t need to be fussy or an attempt at layering 15 things. It can be as much as a blazer over a tunic over slim leg pants which allows you to keep warm in the morning and adjust over the course of the day.

On one of my many commutes into work I started mulling over a sort of quasi-formula for dressing at this time of the year as its not only now that’s tricky we have similar challenges going into autumn and Winter.

The way I see it we’re not quite ready to bare all nor are we quite ready for bright brights which seem to be everywhere in the stores. The key is to choose light weight fabrics that ‘move’ and head away from winter’s darker palette to softer tones and introduce prints.  Look for dresses, tunics and blouse-style tops that have sleeves and going for a half or ¾ sleeve which will give it more of a spring feel. Then pop over a knit or a light weight jacket in tones or cream, taupe, grey or caramel – which will also work back against all the colour coming in for Summer.  

Other things you can do –Trade out black opaques for nude sheer tights (we’re huge fans of the voodoo range – very natural looking), swap black boots for caramel or taupe and introduce a gorgeous wedge sandal even if it's a bit more covered up.

And heading into Winter works almost in the reverse – as the weather cools down move into deeper tones but still show off the last of the Summer tan, keeping another layer on hand if it turns chilly.

Check out some examples below:

A Spring look can be as easy as introducing a Summer wedge heel

This is the classic 'layered' look - lightweight blazer over a floaty tunic

Summer dress with lightweight Merino knit and taupe boot

Bring on Summer!


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