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You've been framed

Written by Steph Cawte on March 20th, 2012.      0 comments

If you're a glasses wearer then you've probably wondered at some point if the frames you're sporting are actually the most flattering style for your face shape.
Ponder no more, we have expert Steph Cawte on hand and in this blog post we've asked her to explain what she does plus give us a couple of little tips and tricks for selecting your best ever specs.
Introducing Steph Cawte
We've had the very lovely Steph Cawte in the studio with THE MOST STUNNING optical frames. Steph is a very cool dispensing optician Steph is passionate about finding her clients their best pair of glasses.

Bring your prescription in and join Steph on a journey of discovering fine eyewear that will accentuate your facial features, colouring, prescription and visual requirements. Her sense of style coupled with expert frame and lens knowledge will ensure you walk out feeling fabulous about what you wear on your face. Come in and look at the latest beautifully made frames she has in stock. Whether you are after the latest classic softly coloured Kate Sylvester or beautiful retro Lafont or more adventurous Boz & JF Rey, men’s and ladies, she will have something that will look and feel fantastic.
She now brings Eyewear by Steph to Signature Style every Wednesday.

Steph Cawte

Steph Cawte, dispensing optician, from Eyewear by Steph  

We're also throwing a little soirée on March 31 to intoduce Steph to everyone and we'd love it if you could come along.


You've Been Framed: Take the Guesswork out of Eyewear Shopping

Finding great eyewear is a journey of exploration and discovery. Although many will tell you otherwise, it isn’t driven by a formula but instead with a bespoke, individual analysis with an eyewear professional. The trick is to find one who is passionate about educating you on the process of evaluating your facial features and then looks at frames that work for you. A good one will look at a range of possible frames for you, starting with shape, fit, size, points of interest and finally colour. Of course, if she’s got a great sense of style of her own it certainly helps, too!
The frame should be balanced in relation to your eyebrow, cheek line and widest part of your face. Once you know what to look for when choosing eyewear, then you can explore other frame features, playing with different colour and shape combinations that you might not have previously thought about.
Use eyewear to balance out features that you have less confidence in. If, for example, your eyes are close together, but your face is wide, then the right frame can be used to balance this – perhaps look for a narrow bridge, and a lens size that’s not too wide, with a wider section of frame past the lens area (as wide as the facial width).  If you have a heavy set jaw line, look for a more curved top line of the frame, in keeping with your eyebrow shape that lifts the line of the face and draws the point of interest to a higher level.
Fashion plays a role in your eyewear choices, too. If you’ve been wearing your glasses for a couple of years you may find fashions have moved on without you. Larger frames and lots of colour are hot in eyewear right now. Retro styles of the last few years are being refined with rounder styles and cats-eye shape with a modern twist being seen in stylish ranges. Both optical and sunglasses exude glamour, matching current trends in clothing. People want to have fun and look stylish in their eyewear as well as express themselves in either a slightly understated, classic way, or sometimes something with more of a statement or feature. Once you have the fundamentals right in the way a frame fits, you can have fun exploring colour and patterns to enhance your signature style.

There is an art to marrying your facial features with the frame design features to create a happy union that makes you not only look your best, but also feel fantastic. We spend much time looking at our wardrobe – jackets, shoes, bags, etc., but eyewear is often an overlooked opportunity to express who we are, how we feel about ourselves, and how to show our face to its’ best. Why not have a couple of pairs of glasses for different looks? It is important to have fun with the process of choosing great eyewear, step outside your usual comfort zone and take the journey with a professional that you trust. Remember, if the eyes are the window to your soul, then your eyewear is the window to your personality!


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