Personal Presentation Training Seminar

Several studies show our personal presentation can enhance or limit our success in life, and that what we wear says more about who we are faster and more effectively than any words we utter or product we sell. Not only does the way we look impact how we ourselves feel, it has an impact on how others feel about us, too.
"I see the way they're dressed and I think to myself 'we're not doing business today, pal'" - As told to us by Neil, GM of a large energy company.
Do your team members deal with the public? Are they out and about meeting clients and making sales? Studies show that the way you look can have a huge impact on how you are perceived- and if your people are presenting themselves poorly, chances are you're missing out on some great opportunities that could have a direct impact on your bottom line.
“Not only are customers likely to judge employees themselves by their dress, but customers are also likely to use employee dress as cues to the quality of the organisation itself." - Source: 'The effects of dress on customer expectations of service quality & purchase’ Journal of Business Research, 2004.
Professional Dress, Business Image
We know talking to someone you employ about their personal presentation is difficult, that’s why this half day workshop will be invaluable.  
If you want to inspire your team to excellence in 2016 – Our Professional Presentation training is a must!
In 2016, get your team working for your brand in every aspect – not just the work they put in. With real information to ensure attendees are given the tools to use every day, we cover both the why and the how of personal image, give skills for building rapport and presenting ideas. This half day session will be interactive and fun, so your team feel empowered and motivated to put their best foot forward as they step into a New Year.
April 2016 

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